Be true to yourself

TruPartner Coaching offers the tools, structure and insight to help you take create bigger, better results.

This program is for you if you are experiencing the internal tension that occurs when continuing on in the same old way no longer works.

  • Are you tired of feeling drained and know that something is definitely not right?
  • Are feelings of frustration, anger and unhappiness eating away at you?
  • Do you have untapped potential that is begging to be used?
  • Is there urgency to your longings?

When dissatisfaction hounds you, the best way to relieve your discomfort is to identify the pieces of yourself that refuse to remain silent and incorporate them into your work and life.

Imagine what you can achieve when you:

  • Clearly articulate what you want for yourself.
  • Understand and work with your strengths, primary motivation, and inner hurdles in new ways.
  • Take consistent, right-sized, measurable action steps to achieve well-defined, purposeful goals.

As a coach, I inspire my clients to dream big, take risks and be happy. 

    Imagine how your life would be different if you had a clear vision, strong voice, and used your strengths to:

    • Create financial abudance.
    • Fuel your happiness and zest for life.
    • Engage in work that is joyful and fulfilling.
    Amelia is part magician and part sage when she zeroes in on the topic at hand and weaves her magic with questions to reveal a new piece of the puzzle for you to snap into place.

    Amelia is part magician and part sage when she zeroes in on the topic at hand and weaves her magic with questions to reveal a new piece of the puzzle for you to snap into place.


    A special note to women: it is especially important that you consistently operate from a place that accurately reflects your strengths and value.

    As women, we have come so far and yet - there is still much work to be done to turn down the volume of the "not good enough" messages that we have internalized. I believe that most women are socialized to "play nice," "be quiet," "be cooperative," and "follow the rules."  We receive these messages both directly and indirectly via societal norms. 

    • Do you tell yourself that you aren't good enough, smart enough, or prepared enough to execute your ideas?
    • Ever rationalize that your needs are not as important as the needs of others or support others to the point of resentment?
    • How often do you choose to stay silent to avoid voicing your ideas and opinions?
    • Is your pattern to hide behind either constant busyness or paralyzing indecision?
    • Are you angry at the way things are? Tend to lash out? Or worse, give up?

    Please note, I am not saying that you are flawed or helpless. Far from it!

    I passionately believe in the power and abilities of women.

    I believe that negative messages sent to women are so pervasive and interwoven into our culture that you become desensitized. So often, you fail to notice how and when negative messages are affecting your thoughts and actions.

    Good news, I can help you recognize the negative messages and turn down the volume!

    I believe that you are wonderfully designed with the ability to change the negative messages and replace them with more accurate positive messages that help you grow and develop. You deserve to be supported and guided as you recognize, nurture and contribute your talents to the world. Now is the time. The world needs you and your gifts!

      • Amelia's ability to empathize and relate makes people feel comfortable and heard.
        — Sarah, Attorney
      • Amelia is solution focused.
        — Kerry, Social Change Agent
      • Amelia has the ability to be deeply present and insightful.
        — Amber, Family Nurse Practitioner
      • Amelia is compassionate, kind and generous.
        — Jean, Business Owner
      • Amelia listens really well and gives very good feedback.
        — Lisa, Health & Wellness Entrepreneur


      Find and connect your missing pieces to create more happiness, freedom and joy. Be excited to go to work. Excel at your job. Feel peaceful and calm at home.

      Client success

      Own your strengths, understand your primary motivations, and learn to overcome hurdles that get in the way of your goals.


      Real life provides an endless supply of opportunities to engage the coaching mindset. All I have to do is pay attention and share.