Client Success

"The word catabolic describes coaching – turning complex ideas into simple ones, resulting in Energy!  That’s what Amelia did for me!! Amelia pointed out the relationship of items I brought to discuss to other items as well as to my goals for our coaching.  Most of all, she never gave me ‘the answer,’ but somehow guided me to discover for myself what I needed." – Julia, Nonprofit Executive

"Amelia zeroes in on a topic and pull threads of questions until she uncovers hidden sources or treasures of truth. I am in awe of how she is so quick to point out trends and patterns and amazed at the questions she thinks of asking. Her devotion and encouragement makes her powerful in a very gentle, subtle way." – Jeanne, IT Professional

"Working with Amelia was amazing. She was kind, non-judgmental and even though we had never met, I immediately felt comfortable with her and able to open up about some of my deepest concerns. 

After speaking with her, I gained a ton of clarity about what I wanted and figured out that some of my current goals were no longer serving me. I was able to let those things go. Now, I feel so much freedom and relief."  Carly, Small Business Owner

"Before I began working with Amelia, I was truly stuck and overwhelmed in my process to find my "dream job".  I was paralyzed about moving forward because I didn't have the confidence to do so. 

From my first conversation with Amelia I felt heard and validated.  By the end of the call, we were both extremely excited about the identification of a) my dream "work" and b) what had been keeping me stuck for so long.  This alone, helped us launch our sessions together in a progressive, goal-focused manner. 

The tasks we developed at the end of each call were thoughtful, organized, and didn't leave me guessing about next steps.  I was motivated to do the work I had dreaded for so long. Amelia provided steadfast encouragement and validation of my abilities. 

Now I possess the tools and confidence to continue moving forward in search of work that is heart-centered and nourishes my soul.  I'm not sure what I expected heading into this coaching work, but I got much, much more than I expected.  Thank you, Amelia!" 
– Kate,  Food Activist & Social Justice Advocate

"I appreciate the kind of leadership I feel in Amelia – a good ear, keen insights, appropriate sharing, a sense of equality, a sense of trust, and commitment to progress.

Coaching sessions were productive, interesting, stimulating and thought provoking. They unfolded with a spirit of discovery that drew me in and made me look forward to the sessions. Amelia created a gentle and stress-free coaching environment."
– Linda, Collegiate Director of Distance Learning

"While Amelia didn’t offer outright advice or suggestions, she offered stories and metaphor. This helped me think about issues and learn in new and better ways, with a clearer methodology.

Having a coach with life experience was essential. I knew that she grasped what I was trying to say. I appreciated that the sessions occurred over a longer period of time. This allowed me to try things and see how they developed while still partaking in the coaching process. Good subtle redirections when I was off task and repeating myself were also handled skillfully. Amelia has a naturally positive disposition that is hopeful but yet not too Pollyannaish." – Andy, Entrepreneur & Business Owner